Workshop & Training

1. Academics and researchers

a.     “Digital Academic Workshop: Connecting Unbound”

b.       How to write for indexed journal publication

c.       Effective Journal Writing and Publishing

2. Postgraduate student

a.       How to choose a topic for research

b.       How to write good research proposal, APA formatting and literature review

c.       How to write critical Literature review (LR)

d.       How to write problem statement and identify research gaps

e.       Research methodology 

f.        Workshop on Data analysis

                                                               i.      Qualitative

1.       (NVIVO)

2.       Altas.ti

                                                             ii.      Quantitative

1.       SPSS

2.       SEM PLS 3           

3.       SEM Amos

4.       Questionnaire Design

                                                           iii.      Mixed method

g.       How to format your thesis using MS Word

h.       Literature Review using ATLAS.ti,

i.         Articles Management using Mendeley

j.         Application for write article journal (Endnote)